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I got attacked by a drunk stripper at work last night. Well, verbally. She didn't try to beat me up. She threatened though, which was pretty scary (you see, I'm a lover, not a fighter) because I'm pretty sure that she could've kicked my ass. She was bad-mouthing me to jeweliaz the entire time that she was in here. And then another chick asked to use the washroom but I'd just closed it and wasn't about to reopen it, so I lied and told her that it was too messy in there. That's when the stripper went ballistic on me, telling me that I'm disgusting for saying that. So I gave her a few dirty looks, and she started to threaten me, telling me that she's gonna beat me up. Scary.


I had other things to report but I totally forgot now.


Oh! PS was at the house all day today and fucking kept me up. Then, when I was ready to go to work, he's all like, why did you sleep all day? How can you sleep all day like that. He's such a fucking bitch. So I told him that I actually work. BURN!

OMG I'm can't stop cursing today. Sorry.
I still haven't had time to go through my friends list. I don't think that I'll have the time today.

I'm about to make a friends cut. I'm also inviting you to cut me from your list if you like. If you feel that we haven't clicked or whatnot. I won't be upset or anything like that. I just want to connect with everyone here, and you may feel that we haven't connected.

I'm off to work.

Ciao ragazzi. xx

Friday Fiver

1. Do you like looking at stars?
Sure, although I don't usually make a point of looking a them. I used to pay more attention to them when I was a kid.

2. Who do you say "I love you" to?
Shit, a bunch of people. My mother, my grandmother, the husband, my brother, my cousins, my uncles, my aunts, my sister-in-law, my godmother, my close friends. Yeah, a bunch of people.

3. Did you say "good night!" to anyone last night?
Yeah. The husband, my mom, my grandma, all my customers, Mike the delivery driver, my father-in-law.

4. When is the last time you felt blue?
A couple of days ago. My aunt came to visit from Lebanon. I hadn't seen her in almost 20 years. I felt sad saying goodbye to her.

5. Tell us one of your dreams:
I was at the mall, but it was closed. I was waiting for a cab outside, with about 10 other people, and we got attacked by a serial killer. Everyone ran into the mall. I waited for a cab, and went home. But I remember how freaked out I was while waiting for the cab. :/

WTF is wrong with me?


Uh... I've been watching Sailor Moon on YouTube like, non-stop. I'm not even into anime or anything like that. I just really like the show. How screwed up am I?

I used to watch it when I was in high school, everyday. I was too embarassed to keep watching it in uni because I was living in a dorm, with people. People who I knew would laugh at me.

Oh! And these episodes on YouTube aren't even in English. They're in Japanese with English subtitles.

...Collapse )

If the Glove Don't Fit

Please don't hate me for loving this icon. :/

1. Have you ever run away?
No. I tried once. I made a list of what I was going to take with me, and my mom found it. I got yelled at. Then I was too scared to run away. My mom was crazy.

2. What is the longest you've dated someone?
Uh... 3 years. Then I married him.

3. What don't you like to think about?
Work. Meh.

4. What was your last illness?

Ok, I lied. The flu.

5. Do you like to get revenge?
Oh sweet revenge. Not really. Well, unless I'm playing cards or sports or whatnot.
Hi guys.

I've been thinking, and I came to the conclusion that I need a bit of a break from here. Just a little one. It could be a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. In the meantime, I'll still be around to update my community and maybe my photo journal once in a while. But I will be back eventually.

If you want to defriend me, I won't hold it against you. I'll understand, because I won't be around much to comment like I normally do.

Take care, and if you really need to talk to me for any reason at all, don't hestitate to email me: cinzie0224@yahoo.com


RIP Antonio


I was watching that match when he collapsed. I thought he'd be ok because he walked off the pitch with little help.


Here's what I don't understand.

I can't be bothered with the bullshit that happens on here 99% of the time. I let a lot of things roll right off my back. But seriously? Seriously. I just don't get some people. Why do you have to copy someone's journal. Why can't you just come up with your own shit. This chick who's not even on my friends list is copying and pasting my public entires, and claiming them as her own.

Handy Tweezers.
The Evil Centipedes.
Even shit that I wrote in my old journal.

I left her a comment last night, telling her that I absolutely love her sense of humour, and that she should come and check out my journal sometime. Today, her journal's gone.

I refuse to lock all of my entries.

Try to copy and paste this one now.

Heh. Nevermind. I'm sure that you'll find a way around that too.

I'll be back later to read and comment and all that jazz. I'm running out of juice and my computer cord is at work.

Aw, For Pete's Sake!!!!